Products & Services

SDGs やまぐち健康経営認定企業

[Repair & Maintenance]

We handle maintenance and remodeling work for plant equipment. Our engineers, who are experts in plant equipment, provide consistent maintenance services ranging from periodic inspections to follow-up inspections. We also carry out improvement and maintenance services such as the life extension and core improvements of facilities that have been in use for a long period of time.

List of Services

  • For plants
    (steelmaking, science, power generation, etc.)
    • Facility management
    • Machine maintenance
      (jigging, cleaning, and inspection of various machines)
    • Maintenance   
      • New construction
      • Routine repair work
      • Large-scale repair work
      • Improvement work
    • Improvement and other technical services

Processing equipment

Machine name Manufacturer Model No. / Performance No. of units
Hydraulic press machine Izumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. Max. force 150t 1
Hydraulic press brake machine Amada Co., Ltd. RG-125 1
Double housing planer Shinada Ironworks 2500×4000 1
Shaper Yamaguchi Ironworks YS850 1
Shaper Dainichi Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. DS-28 1
Radial drilling machine Ohya Seisakujyo Co., Ltd. RE3-2000 1
Radial drilling machine Chiyoda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. HS-1350 1
NC milling machine Niigata Engineering Co., Ltd. 2UMD-SN 1
NC milling machine Takeda Machinery Co., Ltd. RT-VS3N-EG 1
Sawing machine Amada Co., Ltd. HA250 1
Sawing machine Amada Co., Ltd. VM420 1
Sawing machine Amada Co., Ltd. H-550EⅡ 1
Sawing machine Amada Co., Ltd. VM1200 1
Sawing machine NCC-250H 1
Sawing machine Amada Co., Ltd. H-1080 1
Drilling machine Hitachi Koki BT13RL 1
Drilling machine KITAGAWA KDT-360 1
Lathe Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. TAL-460 1
Lathe Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. TAL-560 1
Lathe Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. TE-4500 1
Lathe Yamazaki Machinery Rex 770×4000 1
Lathe DAINICHI DLG-SH63x250 1
Lathe MORI SEIKI MS-650 1
Lathe WASINO LR-55A 1
Rotary surface grinder Amada Co., Ltd. SS501 1
AC arc welding machine DAIHEN 500A 2
Screw compressor HITACHI HISCREW2 1
Grinder Yodogawa Electric Tool Mfg. KG-305T 1
Overhead traveling crane 20/5TON 1
Overhead traveling crane 7.5TON 1