Products & Services

SDGs やまぐち健康経営認定企業

[Iron and Steel Can Manufacturing]

We have accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge over the years about the manufacturing of various types of cans. By utilizing this knowledge, we have been able to meet all kinds of can manufacturing needs, from pressure vessel manufacturing to custom can manufacturing. In addition, our integrated processing capability, which extends from cutting to bending and welding at our own factory, allows us to manufacture products with high precision, high quality, and short delivery times.

List of Services

  • Hot water can manufacturing
  • Steam can manufacturing
  • Steel plate processing (welding, bending, brazing, etc.)
  • Gas container (cylinder) manufacturing
  • Sheet metal chimney manufacturing
  • Drum can manufacturing
  • Metal container manufacturing
  • Upper tank manufacturing
  • Packaging container (steel) manufacturing, etc.

Processing equipment

Machine name Manufacturer Model No. / Performance No. of units
Shearing machine Amada Co., Ltd. Cutting capacity: SS 12t×W3000 1
4-roll bending machine Amada Co., Ltd. Bending capacity: SS 19t×W1500 1
Torque press machine Amada Co., Ltd. PUX45 1
Sawing machine Amada Co., Ltd. HK400 1
Universal processing machine Takeda Machinery Co., Ltd. S-505E 1
Angle universal processing machine Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. MW-35 1
AC arc welding machine DAIHEN 250A 7
AC arc welding machine DAIHEN 300A 10
CO2/MAG welding machine DAIHEN XD350 5
Air plasma cutting machine DAIHEN A-50 2
Air plasma cutting machine DAIHEN A-70 1
TIG welding machine DAIHEN 300HP 5
Overhead traveling crane 10TON 1
Overhead traveling crane 2.8TON 1