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SDGs やまぐち健康経営認定企業

Corporate Information

Company Name Suetake Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative President & CEO
Yuta Kanechika
Location 【Headquarters】 3-14-1, Nomura, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
【Stainless Steel Department】 3-12-21, Nomura, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
【Office】 3-13-17, Mizuho-cho, Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Capital 39,800,000 yen
Establishment □Registration of construction business
 Yamaguchi Prefectural Governor’s Permit General (51) No. 2341
 Steel structure construction business, Machinery and equipment installation business
 Plumbing business, Electrical work business

□Registration of industrial waste collection and transportation business
 Yamaguchi Prefectural Governor’s Permit No. 03503161364

□Registration of worker dispatch business
 Receipt number: Special 35-300368
Banking Relationships MUFG Bank, Tokuyama Branch
Yamaguchi Bank, Kudamatsu Branch
Yamaguchi Bank, Tonda Branch
Saikyo Bank, Kushigahama Branch
Hiroshima Bank, Kudamatsu Branch
Mizuho Bank, Tokuyama Branch
Iyo Bank, Tokuyama Branch
Products & Services 1. Steel structure construction work
2. Manufacturing and installation of various types of cans and steel tanks
3. Maintenance, repair and installation of various machinery and equipment
4. Piping of hydraulic equipment and piping work of all types
5. Authorized repair work for continuous casting equipment
6. Processing and sales of stainless steel and various special metals
7. Electrical work
Employees 49

Organization Chart

Organization Chart